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(Reader Question) I’m Having Problems Growing A Thick Full Beard

(Reader Question) I been trying but don’t seem to be able to grow a thick full beard. How do I fix my problem?

In the last couple of weeks I have ran into this question a lot. We see many man with this problem. Either they can’t really grow a beard (like me) or their beard has a lot of problems. This could be frustrating, believe me I know, and I’ve been on the wrong side of this battle since I first started trying to grow a beard. First let’s get to the heart of this matter. It all comes down to genetics and you should ask yourself one major question. Do you come from a family with hairy men or do the men in your family have facial hair?

If you can answer that question with a no, then we can agree on that one because the men in my family are as hairless as a Siamese cat. For you other guys that don’t have a genetics problem, there is a few things you can do that might help in that department.

Drink More Water

Drinking enough water on a daily basis puts moisture into your skin and hair which helps with hair growth. Check out my post Faster & Healthier Hair Growth Tip #3 of 5 – Drink Lots Of Water


Protective oils like jojoba or grape seed oil adds that moisture back into your beard. Just like a plant, moisture means growth.


Getting a good amount of sleep at night helps a lot. I know this sounds real normal and easy but it really does work. A well rested body works at its best. Read my post Faster & Healthier Hair Growth Tip #1 of 5: Change your Diet and Sleeping Habits

Wash It!

Wash it like you would wash your hair. When I am in the shower I make sure I massage the face wash into my facial hair good while I am washing my face. Hair, no matter where it grows, is all the same. It needs to be cleansed, hydrated, and moisturized.

It’s pretty simple overall; changing and adding a few things into your daily/weekly routine can help fill in spots and help with growth. Hope this helps you fellas out, and leave your thoughts in the comments if you have any.




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    Thank you for the interview AJ! I love your site!!!
    All the best, Karen lynn Accattato

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