Back on August 26th, I had a phone call with the up and coming denim designer Charles Miller of CMBD. He let me get to know all about his early years and also some insight on what he thinks of the grooming empire. Yesterday I was honored to see the young designer in action. I went back stage to see first hand CMBD take over the Prince George Ballroom on 15 E. 27th st, New York, NY.

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The room had a great vibe, just like the vibes I got from Charles in person and over the phone. Easy going, relaxed and ready to have a damn good time! I loved the wall of beautiful women rocking pairs of denim; it takes me back to the conversation we had on the phone (look at our interview by clicking here).

DSC_0203 DSC_0221 DSC_0223

By the time the show started, every seat was filled with fashion’s elite strutting in their Sunday’s best. The lights got brighter and it was time to be inspired by classic denim. The camera flashes at the end of the runway went to work and the cell phones snapped away to light up social media.

DSC_0242 DSC_0258

At the end of the show, the song classic man filled the room full of happy faces and “congrats Charles” was heard by the on looking crowd as the fashionable viewers ran to grab the best Instagram photo of the collection. Charles Miller and wife stood with their newborn in his arms. You heard the ladies “aww” in one single voice. The show was a hit and I couldn’t be prouder of the rising designer. Like I said in my interview, you can see Charles Miller in the work that graced the runway. Great job Charles, Great job indeed.

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