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3 Layers of Skin

Our skin is really an interesting organism and shouldn’t be taken lightly. When we look at our arms, or legs, and touch our skin everything looks so simple but in reality there is nothing simple about it. When you look at your skin you’re only looking at one layer because our skin has 3 layers that make up one whole. The layers of our skin are called the epidermis, the dermis and the subcutis. Amazing right! You can find some basic information on skin in my post “What Is Skin,” but let’s dig deeper into the layers of our skin and what it does.


The epidermis is the outer layer of skin and the part we see the most. It is also the thinnest layer in most areas on our body like the eyelids but at the bottom of our feet the epidermis layer is way thicker as many people would assume. This layer has 3 pretty interesting jobs:

  • Makes new skin cells: These cells are created at the lowest part of the skin layer and spends about a month traveling up to the surface before they flake off.
  • Gives your skin color: If you ever wondered where the melanin was located in your skin then here it is. The more melanin that is active in your skin the darker your skin will be (that’s a simple description).
  • Keeps the skin healthy and safe: The epidermis layer produce cells that protect the skin and keep it safe from the environment. The first layer of our skin contain cells called the Stratum Corneum which protects the body by water proofing it so we can absorbs water and other substances.


The Dermis is the second layer following the epidermis. This layer also has many jobs and works pretty hard at keeping your skin looking and acting the way it does. These jobs are:

  • Producing sweat: Our skin produces sweat to keep the body temperature at the right level. That handy little process comes from the dermis and this layer has small pockets called sweat glands. The sweat then travels up a small tube that leads to the pores within our skin. This helps the body to get rid of things we don’t need and also maintains our body temperature.
  • Feeling: That feeling you get when you have an itch or a sharp pain against your skin. Well the nerve endings in this layer send messages to your brain telling you to stop or keep going. Don’t shoot the massager; it’s just your skin giving some feedback.
  • Hair growth: You know all those tiny hairs on your arms or legs? This is where it starts to grow from. You can find the roots of your hair attached to a small muscle that helps your hair stand straight up when your scared, frighten or cold.
  • Producing oil: Just like there are sweat glands there are oil glands as well. Small pockets in this layer produce oil to help keep your skin smooth, healthy and moisturized. You know how the ladies skin is always soft and smooth? Well fellas, let’s thank the oil glands for that.
  • Supplying blood to the skin: Blood flow helps the skin and feeds it. It also removes bad toxins from our body or anything the body doesn’t need through blood vessels.


The final layer, and bottom layer, is the subcutis. This is the fatty layer of the skin and the important duties of this layer are:

  • A bridge between your bones and muscles to your Dermis: One of the most important jobs of this layer is to connect the dermis layer to your bones and muscles; the special tissue that does this is located within this third layer of your skin.
  • Launch pad for the blood cells and nerve cells: As the nerve cells and blood vessels go deeper into the layers from the dermis, they grow and get bigger. The subcutis layer helps them continue into the rest of the body; again, acting as a bridge.
  • Temperature control: The fat in this layer has a major affect on the body and helps it from getting to hot or too cool. This layer plays a major part in controlling your body temperature.
  • A little bit of protection: This fatty layer helps when you take a fall or spill. It protects the body from small impacts. The old school moms who used to tell to your skinny girlfriends, “Girl let’s put some meat on them bones,” was just trying to protect them [Laugh]! Well at least my mom used to say that to my lady friends in high school so I guess she didn’t hate them to much [Laugh].

Man! That was a lot to take in. Our skin is pretty busy every day so be sure to take care of it so it can keep taking care of us.

Leave me some thoughts, questions and comments below and thanks for reading!


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