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A Year of Luxury With Regal Gentleman

Many times I have written about the major changes within the fastly growing men’s grooming industry. About a year ago after seeing these changes I took the young Ruggedlygroomed brand across the pond, via the internet, in search of some new outlets and of course info to post on. That led me to another young brand called Regal Gentleman; a brand aimed to give the modern grooming man a luxury experience during the hard and sometimes tiresome search through the sea of labels and brands for skin. A year later on the anniversary of the brand, I’m here catching up with the fellas of Regal Gentleman to get the inside scoop on what’s happening now and what’s coming next, along with getting their thoughts and feelings.

Ruggedlygroomed: Gentleman, I’m in the U.S. as you know and most of my readers are located in the U.S. as well. Can you take the time to introduce yourself for the people.

RegalGentleman: Our names are Josh Blackburn and Liam Jennings; we are Co-Founders/Directors of

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Can you take a moment and clarify What is for the people.

RG: Regal Gentleman is the gentleman’s grooming hub. We offer the finest, luxury male grooming products in one place; inspiring excellence, pride and creating a social community for the modern gentleman. 

On your website, you said that the idea was inspired by a trip to the barbershop. Now, I’ve been to and spent tons of time at the barbershop, but was never inspired to start a brand that sold products and educated men at the same time. What about that trip inspired the idea of RegalGentleman?

RG: The trip made us realise the level of the amazing mens grooming brands that are out there, that I’m ashamed to say, we had never heard of at the time. Male grooming over the last decade is particularly centered around a select few major brands (mentioning no names), but gents can do much better! 

Yea I would have to agree. As a man and as a blogger, I do agree that men can use a nice selection because our skin and hair is just as important as a counterparts. How many brands does the site carry snap shot today?

RG: The site currently carries 12 brands, including 1 online exclusive, French skincare brand Sothys. We will also be welcoming our 13th (hopefully not unlucky) brand, to the family this week, The Gentle-Man Range

I will surely be looking out for The Gentle-Man Range on the site. Maybe my friends Josh and Liam will link a connection between a blogger (meaning me) and a brand that I haven’t reviewed yet [laugh]. Let’s get back to the talk though. When you are looking for brands to carry, what are some of the key elements you look for?

RG: We try and test every single product that goes on site, so you always know that everything that you are buying has our personal seal of approval. We look for brands that we feel gentlemen would resonate with and products that are made for particular concerns that gents may have e.g. thinning hair. They also have to have a luxury feel, and in general we like a brand that is willing to have fun with us. We love a comp, or a good old chinwag on social media, so always great to have the brands participating in this with us!

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Over the last year, how do you feel that people have responded to the brand that you have built?

RG: We recently ran a survey and asked the question “Describe Regal Gentleman in 1 word.” The keyword that came out was luxury. We have also built up a very loyal following and customer base over the past year, so I think the brand has become exactly what we wanted it to, when we first sat in my bedroom discussing it. There’s still plenty more to come though!

As gentleman in your position, I’m sure you come across so many old and new brands daily. What do you feel that the industry is lacking when it comes to men’s skin and hair care?

RG: Most men love to groom, I think we live in a world where this is now becoming more “acceptable” to say, but we need to stop pretending and start being proud of it. We need someone who makes it fun, but also makes it easy for men to shop. Let’s face it, we hate scrolling through websites with thousands of products, with no one telling us which one is best for us. Well, that’s why we’re here, we will try the grooming products so you don’t have to, and then put only the very best on our site, then tailor our ranges for you, while giving you advice along the way. 

That’s pretty nice to know that you guys put in some heavy lifting with the product before you put it on the site. I can’t say that’s the same for every online retailer out here. Also, men do love to groom, my readers are always looking for new products and ways to style and take care of themselves. We as men are always told that skin care and hair care is for women, well at least men in my culture are told that. With that being said, a lot of men tend to shy away from taking care of themselves in this way or shy away from admitting that they do it at all. We do need to find a way to make it clear for men that it is good to take care of yourself and you should do it, let’s face it, what woman likes a unkept man? What’s next for

RG: Our loyalty scheme and Gentle-Man Range launch this week, then we have tailored product ranges, grooming guides, and plenty of secrets and surprises along the way too. 

Josh, Liam, I thank you and I enjoyed our time together. Happy anniversary guys and good luck with the future.


For more information | IG + Twitter + Facebook  @regalgentleman


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