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It’s funny how life can bring you full circle sometimes. This time 2 years ago, I was dealing with a failing engagement, a sick family member and lost within myself. Ruggedly Groomed and the industry was far from an interest at that point. To be honest, I lost faith in

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Stylishly Good Looks

The beard culture is in full effect and it feels great! It’s nice to see that black men are taking full advantage of this time and showing off their bearded greatness. First let me clarify something for the masses: the beard culture has always been active in black culture. The

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“SoftSheen-Carson Laboratories is part of the Consumer products division of L’Oreal USA. As the worldwide haircare leader for people of color, SoftSheen -Carson provides consumers with superior beauty products to help them choose their personal style. SoftSheen-Carson’s portfolio includes well-loved brands such as Dark and Lovely, Optimum, Lets Jam!, and

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