Skin 101

What is skin?

So many times you hear people ask question like, what is skin? Or, how do I care for my skin? We have blogs like mine that weekly put up post talking about the best products you can use to make your skin smooth, soft, clear and healthy. The question you do not see people asking or writing articles explaining what skin actually is. How can you take care of something that you may not know what it is or made up of? Your Skin is also known as the epidermis. It is a thin layer of tissue covering the body. The word Epidermis comes from the Greek word epi, which means “upon” and derma, which means, “skin”. Yea, a lot of science going on here in this post, but hey the more you know samples

A couple of cool things many people won’t know is that your skin is about 15% of your body weight and can cover 2 square meters if some reason you took your skin off and stretched it out. Yea, we are just going to move on from that. Our skin is made up of 3 important layers. We first have the outside layer that everyone can see called the epidermis, which is wear the dead skin is placed and this layer is also waterproof. The second layer right below the epidermis is called the Dermis, which is where hair and sweat glands are located. The final layer and the deepest layer of the skin is called the Subcutis and this is where the fat and large blood vessels live. Who knew all this detail went into skin right. Kind of cool when you think of it, even though I could of went into so much more detail; I thought this would be a cool basic understanding of what skin is and how it is organized. Now when you look into the mirror or catch yourself checking your bod out, remember your skin is a major part of your body and shouldn’t be taken lightly.

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