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Old Fashion Skin Remedy For Your Feet

The brisk air is around the corner and it’s about that time when the layers start to come back out. Moisturizing during the cold months are key and a lot of men fall victim to this rule. Our skin is a bit tougher then our female counter parts so sometimes extra attention is needed. Because of that I wanted to focus on an old school remedy for your feet my grand mom taught me. One of the funny things about your feet is that its the one body part we tend to forget about. I can hear my grand mom now saying “Make sure you moisturize your feet, nobody wants a man with cracked feet.”¬†You know that one part of your foot that is not as smooth as the rest. Well here is a quick simple way to fix that, dead skin and how to add softness to your feet.

What you need?
– a pair of socks
– Natural butters (Shea butter or coco butter) or lotion as along as it has a thick consistency
– A good body scrub

Once you have these tools just simply give your feet a good scrub and rinse with the body scrub. Make sure you use warm to hot water because it opens your pores up and that will help out when you put the natural butters on for step 2. When you go to put the natural butters on make sure you use a good amount. Your feet might feel a bit heavy but that’s what you need because it’s adding a nice coating to your skin. Once you cover your feet good with the natural butters just throw a pair of socks on while you sleep. Now it might get a bit hot but what’s happening is the heat + thick layer of moisturizer= the skin on your feet being moisturized. The dead skin is smoothing out and the hard parts are softening up. With the weather changing this is the perfect time to do this because the heat will be warming up your house soon. By the time you wake up it won’t be 100% but it will be on the right road. After a couple more times you will see a big difference.

I love this remedy and it has worked many times for me. Because my skin tends to be a bit dry I do this little trick every other week or so. You can judge how many times you need to do this for your skin after the first time. Shout out to my grand mom for all the cool southern tricks that made this grooming gent the man he is today.

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