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Basic Face Washing Tips

Everyday men are becoming more educated in daily grooming and a lot of cool new products are being introduced. In a lot of ways men are still mistreating the number one part of their bodies: their face! Fellas our face play a major part in our daily lives. It also gets affected by outdoor elements the most a side from our hands. We rub our faces against phone skins and our hands after It touchs everything. If you’re a father our babies drool, kiss, touch, smack and use it as their personal play thing. We put all kinds of gels and products on it, we drench It with sweat all day, we don’t protect it from the sun and overall our face is treated like a step child. So here is my basic face washing tips to combat the daily battles your face goes through.

Always Wash Your Face At Night

It’s always good to wash your face in the morning but it’s more important to wash it at night. Think about it, the heat and sun was pounding on your skin all day and some of us wear sun screen for protection. Now you’re about to go to sleep and your pores are filled with dirt and sweat. Talking about nasty face when you get up in the a.m. after sleeping with all that on your pillow at night. Washing your face at night will protect it but also keep it healthy.

Moisturize your face after each wash

This is very important after a face wash. Moisturizing after a rinse helps your skin retain its elasticity and keeps it from feeling uncomfortably itchy, drying out or being over worked so it can retain itself.

Don’t Over Wash Your Face

I always wash my face in the morning and at night after my showers. Once in the a.m. to prepare it for the day and once at night to save my skin from the brutal beating it took throughout the day. If you wash your face more than that you can do more harm than good to your skin. That leads to drying the skin out and weakening it.

Avoid Sleeping With Certain Products On Your Face

A lot of men wear sun screen during the day to protect their skin from the sun. It’s important that you wash it off at night because leaving it on while you sleep can lead to skin damage or breakouts. Don’t be lazy; wash it off.

I follow these basic face washing tips everyday myself. It’s important that we protect our skin and treat it like our mothers. After all we only have one face.

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