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5 Skin Care No No’s

Not Washing Your Face At Night

Washing your face at night is one of the most overlooked grooming task. Skipping a quick face wash before bed fills your pores and face up with dirt, sweat and oil. Overnight it builds up and can over time darken your skin, make your face oily and can have long term effects on your skin.

Not Moisturizing

Most guys forget about the moisturizing rule. The problem with that is not moisturizing lends a helping hand to dryness. This could be a huge problem for your skin because this leaves to weakening your skin and drying it out. This also makes your skin work harder to over produce oils when it does not need to. So, just moisturize after washing your face; it will thank you for it.

Overly Washing Your Face

We only need to wash our face 2 times a day. Once before bed and once in the AM. Washing your face more then that dries your skin out and can break down your skins elasticity. In other words, wash your face and then leave it alone!

Using Any Products You Find

Fellas I know we may not be as good as our lady friends when it comes to picking out products but don’t just use anything. This could be almost as bad as not doing anything at all. If you notice your skin can be over oily then search for products that combat that. If your face can be really dry then search for products that will help moisturize it. Take the time to find out what works for you, because every product does not work for everyone. You can do real damage by using just anything on your skin. It’s not girly or questionable to be into taking care of your skin. Females dig it and everyone else will when you don’t look like you just came out of a horror flick because you broke out or worst.

Buying Cheap Razors

We all know the 10 razors for a great price deal in stores. Don’t fall for that! That is a really bad idea, buying cheap razors are always a bad idea. They tear up your skin, waste your time and make more problems for your skin down the road. The problems that cheap razors cause are cuts on the skin, dark skin spots, razor bumps, in grown hairs and it just makes your skin feel and look horrible. This is a big no no fellas. Invest in good razors and your face will be happy to be yours.

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