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3 Ways to Stay Healthy and Well Groomed

Health and grooming are two topics that the modern men of color need to discussion in everyday life. With the month of June being men’s health month, why not take the time and talk about 3 ways to not only stay healthy, but 3 ways to stay well groomed and looking your best. As we all know, there is more then 3 ways, but I felt these were the ones that covered the important elements.


Sometimes eating vegetables can be a not so important factor in our lives. Their is nothing like a great steak or a tasty burger and to be frank, vegetables don’t match up. Guys like myself, who are on the road to marriage, know what it feels like to have a woman on your back about eating healthier; sometimes she is like a dog after a bone on this topic. Fellas she is right about this one though. Not only does eating dark leafy vegetables give you the vitamins and nutrients your body needs, but it also helps your skin and hair to look and feel its best as well. From eating dark leafy vegetables your hair can have more growth, can become fuller and stronger as it grows in. This will help out with the aging of our bodies over time and the quality of our hair and skin. Moving forward let’s bring some color to our plates more often.


As men we tend to think we can handle the whole world, and them some, by ourselves. In all reality we are just human and we can’t take care of our family’s if we don’t take care of our self first. Getting our yearly check ups and keeping a watchful eye on our bodies will do more then good. There is no shame in admitting that we are health conscience and keeping both eyes on taking care of the only body, mind and soul we were blessed with. Doctors visits will keep us safe and aware if anything unusual pops up. If our futures are important and we want to see our grand kids grow, let’s start a new trend of healthy men that can take on the world for our families.


In my many years as a blogger, and the time I spent as a skin care grooming consultant for a national men’s product line, I don’t know how many times I have heard, “Why do I need SPF in my moisturizer?” That answer is pretty clear and its to protect our skin from cancer! Picking out products for our skin that have an SPF will decrease our chances of skin cancer. We need to use an SPF moisturizer all year long. A lot of men don’t understand why they need SPF in the winter or during cloudy days but let me keep it simple; as long as the sun is in the sky there are sun rays. As long as there are sun rays, the increased chance for skin cancer is a reality. It is harder to detect skin cancer or problems in men/women of color because of the higher amounts of melanin in our skin. This means we have to be extra careful and make sure we are covering our basses, crossing our T’s and dotting our I’s when it comes to protecting the skin.

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