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2 Skin Tips to Fight Dry Winter Air

What can I say about this weather; it is pretty insane lately? I mean really, 61 degrees in February. Not only is the weather an issue for what we are going to wear today, the weather is a major issue for our skin too. The dry air really affects our skin in such a negative way and makes keeping our skin moisturized a tricky job.  Here are two quick tips on keeping your skin smooth, clear and feeling great in this crazy winter dry weather.

Tip 1: Exfoliate at night

Exfoliating at night not only will make your morning shower an easy one but it will make sure the moisture in your skin does not escape throughout the day. During the winter you should only exfoliate once a week so find one day during the week that works for you and take care of your skin by cleansing before you go to bed that night (remember gents, the night you exfoliate you don’t have to use your normal face wash but you still have to moisture with a face lotion or cream once your done cleansing your skin).

Exfoliating in the morning can do more harm then good because cleaning your skin before you go out for the day could leave it dry, stiff, and more exposed in the sun when your outside. How about we just keep it at night and watch your skin look and feel great like it should.

Tip 2: Add some Coco Butter to the mix

Everyday I carry a small coco butter stick with me that I got for about a $1 and some change at the local drug store. During the winter months I like to apply a small amount of coco butter to cheekbones, nose tip and chin after applying my moisturizer in the morning. This cool little trick helps with adding a second level of protection against the wind and dry air that tries to slip in and suck out the moisture in my skin. Now remember gents, you don’t need to add tons of coco butter to your face like your preparing for a match at the local fight club but just enough to make your skin feel smooth and thankful. Like the saying goes a little goes a long way.

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  1. February 4, 2016 at 6:33 pm — Reply

    The coco butter is a tried and true go to! We carry a stick of coco butter everywhere we go but I would like to find a tub of it one of these days too because me and you use to many darn sticks!! lol

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