Stylishly Groomed: Darrien

Name: Darrien Lamont “Dnyce” Everett Chandler
Location: Philadelphia

When I first met Darrien I really admired his sense of style, image and well groomed beard. Now that might sound weird but I am one who believes that us men should be well groomed and proper. With beards being a big style for men these past few years, it’s nice to see one that’s properly groomed (let me tell you there are a lot of un-groomed and lack luster beards in this city). Darrien’s efforts has left me wanting to sit down and chat about his style, what products he uses and more about how he started his beard journey.

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Darrien Profile 390Ruggedlygroomed: How long have you been growing your beard?
Darrien: I have been growing my beard since I was 23 so since 2011. I had to; I went bald at the age of 22. I never wanted to be one of those guys that had a bald spot or had my hair thin in some areas and thick in others. So I just shaved it all off.
How was that transition for you?
D: It was rough at first because a lot of the barbers I knew didn’t know what to do when I asked them. So I had to find barbers that were bald to get some insight.
What is the top 5 products you use for your beard?
D: I use Gillette Fusion kit (the electric Shaver, Gillette Fusion (Hydra Smooth) Gel, Gillette After Shave, The Gillette Mini Styler). That’s three things in one kit. Coconut Oil which you can get from any pharmacy store, preferably ORS and a comb. I’m very simple so I believe good products and time is the key.

Darrien Profile 368How many times a month do you trim it?
D: Maybe once rarely twice.
Do you trim it yourself or do you have someone else do it?
D: I do it myself. I have been in the barber shop like three times in the last three years.
Do you use scissors or do you use another tool?
D: Nope, my Gillette Styler is like mini clippers.

Darrien Profile 375Now to be a properly groomed man you need to have a good skin routine. Let’s change gears and talk about skin care for a second. 
What’s your daily skin routine?
D: I wake up, wash my face with Men’s Dove Care Soap. Then take very little coconut oil rub it in my beard and comb my beard if necessary. But mostly every 2 days I shave my bald head and trim my mustache down because it grows pretty quick.
Do you use clippers or a razor to shave your head?
D: I stick to my razor because the clippers don’t get low enough.
What are your top products for your skin?
D: The Men’s Dove Care Soap that’s the only thing I have found that keeps my face moisturized. My skin is very sensitive so I can’t try just anything.

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 If I could steal Darrien’s beard I would and since that could be a crime some where I will just admire it from a far. I had fun chatting with this brotha and he is a real cool dude. Be sure to check him out on social media at @LamontDnyce on Twitter and Instagram and tell him AJ sent you.


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