Bevel Trimmer

Today, I received news about major progress in the force (excuse my Starwars moment). Bevel (@bevel), the black owned grooming brand for men of color led by Tristan Walker (@tristanwalker) released another product from its Bevel Shaving line, the Bevel Trimmer. We get a look at the sleek and stylish trimmer in the video above featuring Bevel Electric Trimmer brand ambassador, rap legend and rising tech investor Nasir “Nas” Jones. Nas has made waves in the tech field with his brand, QueensBridge Venture Partners, and is known for his eye catching hair cut that you will hear many people refer to the “Nas Cut” sporting the half moon part. I must of watched this video many times and I am hooked. I just might have to go and get one of these for my morning grooming routine; Hey Tristan we need to talk [laugh]. The Trimmer is priced at $179.95 and you can buy it online at

There are more details about the Bevel Trimmer and the specs look great so go check it out by clicking the link above and tell me what you think in the comments.tumblr_o0sjuxVWGI1sgvcf7o2_1280

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