Converse Chuck Taylor 1970s “Natural”

Before intertwined threads were utilized for performance purposes, knitted materials were a household staple in the 1970s. The latest version of the Converse Chuck Taylor throws it back to those classic times with a 1970s “Natural” rendition of the iconic sneaker. This styling wraps the upper in an array of throwback prints with vintage coloration, each stitched to create a thick canvas, paired with silver eyelets and a white toe cap. Finished off with a white sole with a black stripe, this ’70s All Star can be found in select Converse stores today.       –

I love the old school look of these new “Natural” Converse and they would look good as a fall add on to your collection. The color scheme works really well for the fall with the leaves on the ground and the weather change; I can really see these working well. The feel for these can come across a bit feminine but I wouldn’t be scared to take them for a spin. What do you guys think of these new releases? Leave your thoughts in the comments.

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