SoftSheen-Carson Laboratories Introduces New Bump Rescue Skincare Line To Magic Shave

“SoftSheen-Carson Laboratories is part of the Consumer products division of L’Oreal USA. As the worldwide haircare leader for people of color, SoftSheen -Carson provides consumers with superior beauty products to help them choose their personal style. SoftSheen-Carson’s portfolio includes well-loved brands such as Dark and Lovely, Optimum, Lets Jam!, and Magic Shave.”    -Bratskeir & Company

I remember being a kid and watching my step father use the Magic shaving cream and keeping his stash in the bathroom cabinet, so when I had the chance to review the products I was pretty stoked, almost like its my turn now. The products I tried out are the Bump Rescue Exfoliating Cleanser (priced $5.99), Bump Rescue 2-in-1 Moisturizer (priced $5.99) and Bump Rescue Spot Treatment (priced $8.99). Now I didn’t really get to try the Bump Rescue Spot Treatment because my skin doesn’t really have black heads and blemishes but I had full use of the other two products. Over the next week I am putting away the natural remedies, other products and processes I use to make sure I give these items a fair chance.
Softsheen-Carson Magic ProductsWhile in the shower I used the Bump Rescue Exfoliating Cleanser. Formulated with charcoal particles and salicylic acid, this exfoliating cleanser washes away oil and dirt residue, helps unclog pores, removes impurities and dead cells, while reducing the appearance of bumps.  My face did feel refreshed and smooth. I really like the texture against my skin and you can really feel the cleanser cleaning out your pours. It rinsed away really easy and made for a smooth wash. Keeping up with my process of moisturizing after each wash, its time to use the Bump Rescue 2-in-1 Moisturizer. Featuring a combination of zinc and allantoin, this instantly hydrating moisturizer helps to reduce the look of ingrown hairs and refine skin texture while keeping skin hydrated and soothed. This unique moisturizer minimizes the appearance of bumps in just 4 weeks.

The texture is a nice smooth feel and it was really refreshing on my face. It adsorbed into my skin well and instantly made it feel fresh and hydrated. Naturally I have a slight oily buildup on my forehead in the morning but by the next morning I had a more smooth matted feel to my face. That was great because nobody wants to wake up in the morning feeling like you have something on your face. Also, after trying both products what really stood out to me was the scent of both of them. It wasn’t very strong or over powering and that is great because I use a lot of products from my hair, skin (face and body) and colones. When you have that many scents you don’t want them to compete because nobody would want to stand around me. Having a face moisturizer and exfoliator that don’t have an over powering smell is nice.
Spot Treatment 136

Exfoliating Cleanser 140 Looking at my face on the morning of day 3, I looked at my skin and noticed that the white heads on my forehead started to go away and have gotten a lot smaller. The white heads that starting to form around my chin area never truly developed during this process also. This has only been 2 days of using it in the morning and the night before. My skin started to smooth out really well around my jaw line and around my cheek bones. My skin is normally pretty smooth but I have started to see some changes. One of the other changes I have seen is my skin is starting to lighten up a bit.

On Day 4 my white heads have started to disappear and smoothen out well. This is really nice because I don’t want to pop them and leave scares so having products outside of my natural remedies that will help with this summer battle is priceless. Also the 2-in-1 Moisturizer keeps my face nice and smooth without the feeling of oil which  is a very nice too.
2 in 1 Moisturizer 137I was just talking to a friend of mine about trying new products that are made for men of color and the Magic products have had a great effect on my skin. I can see myself keeping these products in my collection and using them for my daily process. Now that it is the end of the week I am very pleased with the outcome and the products get a 5 out of 5 stars in my book. Since I didn’t get to use the Bump Rescue Spot Treatment maybe I can get a fellow blogger to try it out and get their feed back. If you have tried it and want to weigh in then leave you thoughts in the comments below.

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