Recipe For Men Facial Scrub

The Facial Scrub from Recipe For Men is a great refreshing addition to the already well-developed brand. Just recently launched last month, the facial scrub has totally lived up to the talk. I believe this might be my favorite product released by the brand yet and great for cleansing the skin and removing that excess dirt your face may build up through out the day.

The Scent

The scent of the facial scrub is similar to a lot of the products that I have tested out from Recipe For Men. It has a bit of a medicinal smell but it wasn’t that bad to be real. I don’t mind it and wouldn’t turn me away from using the product. I know most men want a nice fragrance smell but lets be frank; if the product gets the job done then lets get over it. I rather have a nicely taken care of face then a poorly taken care one with bad skin and wrinkles.

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The Texture

The feel of this scrub was more smoother then what I’ve gotten use to from facial scrubs and it was nice. It felt … when applying it to my face and a little went a long way. Even though it was a smooth texture, you could still feel the particles within the product.


There are two key ingredients that make this product pretty special: Exfoliating Microspheres and Sebustop. The Exfoliating Microspheres are fine and are 50 micrometers in size. They are rounded which is good because it won’t scratch your skin or leave small marks while using the product. Sebustop, is a useful ingredient that we should see a lot more in our products. Mostly used for acne and oily skin, the sebustop shrinks your pores and makes it easier to fight against dirt and bacteria clogging your pores, that cause white heads, black heads, oily skin and other skin issues.


At $27.00 dollars I believe this is reasonably priced. I only use the scrub once a week when I like to do my skin cleansing rituals, along with hair treatments. Yea I am gonna have to share those with y’all sometime soon. For now let’s get back to the review. Even if you used it twice a week, I can’t really see you going through this too fast.; I believe the price is spot on.

I am a fan of this facial scrub and can see myself keeping this in the rotation. Most times I try to give the good and bad about a product, but I can’t really find anything wrong with this that would make me not use it or tell you not to use it. Check it out and if you have already please leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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