Joe Grooming Part 2

I’m back again with part 2 of the Joe Grooming Men’s Grooming products. I always love hair washing Sunday. I don’t know why but I really do look forward to it. Up to bat this time was the Thickening Shampoo, Sensitive Shampoo, Daily Conditioner, Grooming Cream and Maximum Hold Gel.

Joe Grooming 2 Main

The Thickening Shampoo (As the average male begins to reach maturity, the diameter of his hair will become thinner and weaker. JOE’s exclusive formula with organic barley & hops literally thickens each strand without making hair dry or brittle. The addition of soy proteins strengthen the hair shaft and impart a healthy shine) lathered really well through my hair and made for an easy process. For those that have thick tight curls like myself may know it is not always easy on wash day. Doing two rounds with my hair with the thickening shampoo was easy on both passes. The shampoo, was a clear gel like consistency with a silky feel to the touch. I smelled more of a citrus scent while using it. Now because I was naturally born with thick tight curls it really didn’t have any effect on me. The thickening shampoo is best to use on fine hair textures because you can see immediate results.

The Daily Conditioner (Step two in JOE’s two-part cleansing and toning system for maintaining moisture balance while imparting a healthy shine without weighing hair down. Our complex of natural and organic ingredients offers scalp therapy by stimulating circulation and adding strength to the hair) was pretty much the same but the scent and texture was different. The conditioner had a semi solid creamer texture (not thick but also not liquid like, kind of in the middle of the two). Both of these products worked well together and the wash went faster than normal.

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Joe Grooming 2 c

The Sensitive Shampoo (By eliminating the ammonium and sodium sulfates that cause irritation to sensitive & problem scalps, we’ve created one of the most gentle shampoo formulas you’ll ever find. Even the shampoo scent is based with natural, essential oils to soothe and clarify) had a refreshing sent and a thick gel like texture. The shampoo was cool but from experience with dealing with my hair texture I think over time it might not be as beneficial in the long run since it could make my hair too dry. The jury is still out on that one though. The scent was refreshing but I can’t really grab too much of a scent from it. Right after washing my hair I used the Grooming Cream (Our no hold styling cream offers control and manageability while imparting a subtle sheen and thickness to the hair. Use alone for a natural look or add to any Joe styling product. Great for use as a cutting lotion) and Maximum Hold Gel (JOE’s alcohol-free formula provides super hold and shine without loading up on plastic polymers that congest the scalp. The addition of flax seed oil allows the hair to bend rather than flake or dust when touched. JOE’s Maximum Hold Gel is also water soluble) while my hair was still wet. I didn’t really notice any changes to my hair and I think that’s because of the texture of my hair. I support these products because I can tell they are made of good quality; I am just not sure if they work well for me.

Joe Grooming 2 d

If you are reading this and can give some insight on your experience after using these products, please leave them below in the comments. Overall I do like the products and look forward to using them more in the future (hint, hint Joe Grooming). The body and skin products was a big hit with me and to see that review go to Joe Grooming Part 1. Until next time gents, check out for more info on this cool brand.

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