In the grooming world, the topic of grooming bald heads doesn’t seem to be a topic that is highly discussed. When the email about the HeadBlade ATX All Terrain Razor come through my inbox, I thought this would make for a great time do talk about grooming for the gentlemen who is rocking a bald head or is starting to go bald and looking for options. The HeadBlade ATX razor is unlike the traditional style of grooming razors and is designed as a small version of a 4 wheeler. Before I give my thoughts let me introduce the other products I checked out as well. The HeadWipes and Head Slick.

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The Head Slick has coconut oil, sage and aloe leaf juice to name a few ingredients. It has a very light smell to me but the great part about this product is the fact that it’s paraben free. The HeadWipes are a cool product because in the summer time the heat and dry air can make your skin sweat or get kind of nasty. Having something to wipe your face and neck down to clean up a bit can be a bit helpful. The wipes absorb really fast so my only hang up would be the scent. The scent to me comes across a bit more feminine than I would normally go for, but it’s not bad enough where it wouldn’t grow on me. Overall, I would carry the wipes in my bag because having something to help with sweat before going into meetings would be helpful.

On to the Razor: The HeadBlade ATX Razor is an interesting product. I can’t say right off the back it’s something that would catch my interests because the design comes across a bit toy like. After watching some videos on line and reading comments, I can see some benefits of the product itself. A lot of the videos are of people using the product like the finger grips and that helps out a lot while using it. The wheel on the front helps glide the razor smoothly across the head. The package says that it can be used on the face but I can’t see it happening. I think this is a product best kept for the head. The product has had some mixed reviews but I think people should give it a try because products are different for everyone. If you have given this product a try, please let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

Check out more about this product at | @headblade

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