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Just recently I came in contact with Frederick Benjamin, a multicultural hair care and grooming brand. I am excited to check this brand out because I am always looking for great brands that focus on men of color like myself. Just to give you some information on Frederick Benjamin, they have been featured in Black Enterprise, Uptown, Ebony, The Men’s Room and many more. Their product formulas are free of drying alcohols, synthetic fragrances, colorants, petrolatum, mineral oil and that is a good sight to see. I am looking forward to digging into this review with you guys. The products I receivedwere the Shampoo (normal to dry scalp and hair | Spearmint, Clove, Nettle, Hemp Seed), Conditioner (normal to dry scalp and hair | Spearmint, Clove, Nettle, Hemp Seed), Daily Hydrator (Conditions + Softens + Controls hair | Spearmint, Clove, Nettle, Hemp Seed) and the Sleek Water Pomade (Medium Hold + Natural Shine | Hemp Seed & Grapefruit). When testing these products out, the thing I noticed right off the back was the minty melon like scent. I must say that the scent of these products is very refreshing and added a nice spring like smell to my hair after using them.

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The texture of the Shampoo has a more silky touch to it with a clear tone. Now, I know that has a bad sound but I don’t know how else to put it. It was non-greasy and absorbed very well so that should lighten the use of the word a bit. It lathered very well and was easy when working through my hair to get it on my scalp. I have had some shampoo’s that have been hard to rinse out, but this was the total opposite. It was very easy to rinse out and was a smooth process. Unlike the shampoo, the Conditioner has a smooth creamy texture with a white tone. I combed it through my hair and let it sit for about 2 minutes. The texture of the conditioner was easy to comb through and my hair soaked it right in.

The texture of the Daily Hydrator is really light and creamy and absorbs very easy. It has no greasy texture and that is pretty great because it made my hair very soft and inviting. Also, with the daily hydrator, I use water first and then apply the daily hydrator and then comb out my hair. Using the water first makes it easier to comb out my curls with little resistance. The water preps my hair for the daily hydrator to lock in all that moisture. The Sleek Water Pomade has a more melon and less minty smell than the other products. The texture is thick like most pomade’s you will come across but it absorbs very well. When I get my hair shaped up, I get my sideburns and such faded so I used the pomade on that area and brushed it in evenly along with using the daily hydrator on the rest of my hair to wear it curly. Using the pomade gave my fade a nice healthy shine and brought out my line up very well.

After using these products, I do say that I am impressed. My curls had a nice tight bounce to them and my hair had a nice soft but strong feel. These are good products and I see myself using them more in the near future. As a black man, we tend to put a lot of randomness in our hair through out our life. When it comes to Frederick Benjamin, approves.

For more information, go to Frederick Benjamin | @fredbgrooming

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