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EVERY MAN JACK makes high-quality, affordable grooming products just for guys. No harsh chemicals. No unbelievable promises. Just naturally derived products that get the job done.   –

Every Man Jack is a brand for men I saw in Whole Foods not too long ago. I also have came across it many times on social media and you know me I had to check it out. After some time of research and looking, I finally got my hands on some products. Over the last week I tried the Sandalwood 2-in-1 Body Wash, Face Lotion and Deodorant. Taking a look at the packages once I got the products out the box, I was really into the clean design. It has a real man’s man feel, the brown color scheme keeps me interested and the simple layout goes over smooth.

Every Man Jack Body

Out of the 3 the Sandalwood 2-in-1 Body Wash was the first I tried out. It can be used for your body and face during a shower. It had a great smooth gel like texture with a scent that reminded me of coconut and lemon. Out of the three items, this was my favorite to use. I loved the way it lathered up in the shower and gave a refreshing wash. When the scent hit the heat from the shower it gave a great smell throughout the bathroom. Even my girlfriend came in and said how much she liked the smell. It left my skin feeling light, smooth and refreshed but with my shower times having a special place in my schedule, that was all I needed to prepare me for the day. The scent also carried throughout the day as well and that’s another plus.

Every Man Jack Deodorant

I have said this many times on my blog but deodorants are hard to come by. It dosen’t matter who you are and how much you know about products because you don’t pick the deodorant, the deodorant picks you! I tried the Sandalwood Deodorant and it worked for me pretty well. I am not much of a fan of the smooth silky textures that some deodorants have. So I tend to lean more towards the powdered deodorants that you can find. This one has the silky smooth texture but I gave it a shot to see how it would work for me. I had minor draw backs with this deodorant but I will start with the good first. The scent has a great smell to it and it matches the body wash and face lotion, so that’s good when all three products go well together. My under arms felt cool and hydrated during the day and that’s always a plus. The draw backs I had was the wet feeling I had once after applying it but that is to be expected with the silky smooth texture. Some people like it and some don’t, but for me it also started to wear off around the late evening. Now that wouldn’t always be an issue but the nights I’m out late that could cause a smell and nobody wants that out in the street. I can’t really blame the product because that’s just how it goes with a new deodorant, either it works for you or it won’t.

Every Man Jack Face Lotion

The Sandalwood Face Lotion was a light creamy texture that had a cooling feel to the touch. The face lotion absorbed very easily after my face was freshly washed and it held the same scent as the body was and deodorant. Was the product good, yes! Did it work 100% for me? Not really, let’s call it 75 out of 100. Now my skin can be very weird and some products don’t work very well sometimes. My skin can be very oily and fickle. So, before we rush off to blame the product lets understand that it was just a couple of days and sometimes our bodies need more time to adjust. Overall the product was good and I am still using it to see how it works with a week or 2 under its belt.

I enjoyed my time using these products and I suggest every man who reads this to go out and try Ever Man Jack. You can check out this wonderful brand out at and please let me know what you think after using it. Until then, stay groomed gents!

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