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When I first started covering men’s grooming content Bull Dog Skin Care For Men was one of the first brands I really learned about, so when I saw an email in my inbox from them I was pretty excited. About a week later I received a box of goodies and I have to say it was packed. Because there were so many products, I’m going to break this review into 2 parts. The products I tried first were the Original Body Lotion, Original Moisturiser, Sensitive Face Wash and the Original Face Scrub. In Part 2 I will be covering the Original Face Wash, Original Eye Roll-On. Since, I don’t shave I can’t really use the Shave Gel, so like always if you have used it please put your comments and thoughts below.

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First, I started out with the Original Face Scrub (filled with 8 Essential Oils, Pumice, Coconut Shell, Rosehip Oil and Shea Butter) since it was the first product I used. The original face scrub really was a joy to use. I like this scrub because of the grittier, and less creamy, feel it had on my face as I exfoliated my skin. I believe the coconut shells was a great touch to the original face scrub. Immediately after washing my face I used the Original Moisturiser (filled with 8 Essential Oils, Green Tea, Green Algae, Konjae Mannan and Vitamin E) helped to add the moisture and rehydrate my skin. The scent of melon, honey and lemon had my room smelling pretty well and it had my lady snuggling a little closer to me.

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The Original Body Lotion (filled with 8 Essential Oils, Cocoa Butter, Aloe Vera and Avocado) was a nice addition to my experience and keeping up with the same melon, honey, and lemon scent the body lotion was easy to use. It’s not oily or greasy but smooth and creamy. The product soaked into my skin pretty easy and made for a smooth and fast absorbing process so that was a great touch for these summer days. As the week went on I started to use the Sensitive Face Wash (with 2 Essential Oils and Green Tea) to see how my face would react because my skin can be very oily and at times sensitive. I thought this would be the best product to put to the test. Unlike a lot of products that would give my skin a matte feel for about a day or two, using the Original Face Scrub at the top of the week, the Original Moisturiser and the Sensitive Face Wash night and day for the last 6 days has kept my face matte and healthy for a week straight. For someone with oily skin that is a win in the grooming category.

My week with Bull Dog Skin Care For Men was pretty awesome. The products live up to what I’ve heard and I’m ready for part 2. If you haven’t used this brand before I do suggest you give it a try and when you do, or if you have, please put your thoughts in the comments below.

(Part 2 of the Bull Dog Skin Care For Men Review Coming Soon)

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  1. August 27, 2015 at 3:38 am — Reply

    Is the Bulldog Sensitive Face Wash a cream/lotion texture? Or is it a gel? Is it drying?

    • August 27, 2015 at 7:11 am — Reply

      Its a cream like texture, not thick though. It was very hydrating to my skin. I loved it.

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