From the Amazon Rainforest to your bathroom cabinet, Amazology is bringing something fresh to the grooming industry. One thing I like say is that there is an answer for every skin or hair problem from ingredients in the earth. Why not use the rain forest as the inspiration to fuse together skin care and mother earth. Right off the back the key ingredients used in the products is what jumped out to me. I like seeing products with ingredients I’ve never seen or used before. This forces me to dig deep into each ingredient and look for the great benefits it has for my skin.

Our Products provide powerful solutions that can revitalize adult males and fortify well-being to help improve quality of life. –Michael Novielli | Co-Founder & CEO


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SHIELD | Protecting Hand & Body Lotion

Key Ingredients: Açaí Oil, Murumuru Butter & Brazil Nut Oil

The texture of this lotion is really light, but a solid creamy base. Some lotions that may feel light can come across watery but this one was the contrast. It left a very nice feel once I applied it to my hands and was smooth. My skin can be more on the dry side so I had to apply a nice amount to get the results I wanted, but remember everyone’s skin is not the same so don’t just go off of my opinion. Make sure you try it and see how your skin takes to the product. My skin definitely soaked in all the moisture. As far as with my hands, a little of this hand and body lotion does go along way. My one draw back would be the scent. It’s a bit aggressive and if it is used too much, it can be over powering; at least this was the outcome for me.

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MONSOON | Invigorating Body Wash

Key Ingredients: Açaí Oil, Ucuúba Oil & Passion Flower Oil

I’m not to crazy on shower gels or liquid soaps but this Monsoon Invigorating Body Wash was a neat product to try out. The texture was silky and smooth and the color reminded me of the liquid terminator in the Terminator series. Once I added it to water it lathered well and was pretty pleasant on my skin. The scent was more tamed, in my mind, than the body and hand lotion and was refreshing. It takes me a while to gather my thoughts on if I like body washes because I tend to use them for a nice time period to see how my body and skin reacts, but as of right now it’s holding it’s own. The ingredients in the Monsoon are more familiar to me but the Passion Flower Oil was a new one. From my research, people have used the passion flower oil for hemorrhoids, burns, pain and swelling. It’s still very new to a lot of people so there isn’t much resources about the benefits or take a ways so I will keep digging.

Passion Flower Oil has been know to be taken by mouth to treat Anxiety, Insomnia, high blood pressure and other issues. But please do your own research first and even talk with your doctor as well.


You can check out Amazology by going to the website or find them on social media at Twitter: @AmazologyMen & Instagram: @Amazology.

If you have used this product or any of these ingredients, let me know in the comments. I look forward like always to hear any feedback from my readers. Also join my mailing list for more postings and updates right in your inbox.

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