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Why Men Should Take Grooming Serious

We have seen some major developments when it comes down to the everyday man. Men are starting to take real notice of what they wear, how they look and how to keep it up. Now the question is how much does grooming play a part in looking your best as a stylish man? I would say it plays a major part and I’m pretty sure most people would agree with me. When you see the guys in the street style photos or fashion sites, we don’t see lack luster beard treatment or half ass hair cuts. These well groomed men are not doing anything the everyday man can’t do. All it takes is some time and a “can do” attitude. With brands like Anthony, Joe Grooming, Every Man Jack, Burt’s Bees and many others, men don’t have to stick with the same clearance rack products.

But lets get to the meat of it; here are my reasons why men should take grooming more seriously.


A black woman lying in bed using a cell phone. 1. Our ladies will be all over us
For years our female counterparts have been making us wear and try new products by doing drive by sprays to make us smell fruity, or weird, and we’ve been fighting them on this subject for years. They’ve been running from our post shaven prickly faces and hoping we would move to a better scent other than our mud and sweat a.k.a man musk. Now just image their reaction to a newly transformed and stylishly groomed man. Lets just say if that happens there is a lot of Victoria’s Secret in our future.

streetfsn-pitti-uomo-86-street-style-for-grazia-it-1 2. We can now shorten the gap between every day men and the factory made Ken dolls we see in the magazines
Just a little TLC and patience and we no longer have to try and compete with the guy that dresses like a super model at the office. We all know that guy, the one with the slick back hair, form fitting suit and swag of excellence. Try spending more then 10 minutes in the mirror giving your skin some special treatment, clean out the junk from under your nails and get a proper shave from that cool old Italian guy with the well shined shoes. Now welcome yourself and take pride in being the new stud that every secretary will have office dreams about.

Man should take grooming serious 2 3. You can now lock down your best you everyday
Looking your best is a personal thing but when we all have to look at you everyday to try and personally not effect us, just get a hair cut and a clean shave. When you groom and take that little bit of time to manage your grooming habits you will not only look good but feel good and the females will want to actually touch you for once. Your skin will look and feel healthy and your body will thank you 20 times over.

All jokes a side though men have no more excuses to keep up the cave man look. There are a lot of brands to try out there and the products are not expensive. You can now talk to your guy friends about grooming because I am pretty sure a lot of them are stepping out to. You won’t feel like a girl or smell like one; the brands are really stepping it up and making cool stuff. At the same time we should not only look our best but feel our best and taking pride in our grooming can do that. This is the perfect time for men to take grooming seriously.


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