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Why is my hair curly?

About a year ago I drove with Marisa, my awesome natural hair blogger and columnist fiancée, to Delaware for a natural hair expo so she could talk on a panel with some other bloggers. While she was on the panel she talked about our hair follicles and why our hair grows the way it does. I was pretty amazed by the conversation and ever since I have been on a journey to understanding my hair. I truly believe you can’t treat your hair right until you understand why your hair is the way it is, how it grows and why it reacts the way it does. This led me to the discussion of why is my hair curly? To understand this question you have to first understand your hair follicles.

Hair Follicles


Your hair texture is based off of your hair follicle. The more compressed your hair follicles are, the tighter the curl pattern your hair will be. If you look at the pictures above with the flat oval follicle, you will find this type more in people of the African and Caribbean descent. The round follicle, you will find more in Caucasian, European or Asian nationalities. If you were wondering how the girl across from you got that big soft curly fro of hair or the beautiful girl across the room with the long blonde hair. It all started with the shape of their hair follicle.

As a man, finding products can be difficult at times. Figuring out your hair can be a life savor, not only on the time you put into making it look nice, but on your pockets because the more you understand your hair the easier it is to find the right products.

Straight Follicles Wavy Follicles Curly Follicles Curly and Coiled Kinky Follicles

I put this image in the layout because I would fall into this category. My hair is the mixture of Curly, Coiled and Kinky. My family background is Polish, West Indian and African American and my hair can be a mixture of kinky and curly. My hair sometimes has it own personality and can be a bit difficult. Ask my barber Troy and he will say the same thing [laugh]. Just like anyone in this business, I love it anyways.

Coiled Kinky Follicles

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