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Faster & Healthier Hair Growth Tip #4 of 5 – Prevent Sun Damaged Hair

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Have you ever touched your head during the summer time and ask yourself why your hair feels so hot? Well that’s because the sun can be great but not so great for your hair. UV exposure can break down hair proteins, causing it to look dull and weaken hair’s tensile and physical properties. Also, damage is more intense on the outer regions of the hair shaft, so people with thick hair have more natural protection against UV damage than those with fine hair. That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t protect our hair (folks like me that have nice thick full hair). The sun also sucks the moisture out of your hair and that’s where you can get shrinkage. All you ladies that battle shrinkage daily, blame it on your friend: the sun. The best thing you can wear are hats or things that cover your hair from the sun. As simple as that may be, your hair will thank you.

So lets review…
– Sun is great but not so helpful when trying to grow nice healthy flowing locs.
– Your hair can get dull, weaken and dry out with to much exposure from the sun.
– Sun can suck moisture out of your hair through out the day.
– The best way to defend your hair against the sun is cover it up, unless you never come out during the day.


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