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4 Ways to Guarantee a Great Hair Cut

Growing up my grand father told me there are 4 things that make up a man. The love in his life, his word, his grit and a great hair cut. You can be one stylish brother, but the haircut is what brings it all together. When people get a fresh hair cut or a dope new hairstyle, they seem to have the swagger of a Greek God. One thing that needs to be clear is that there is a process to getting or to always have a great haircut. Here are 4 things you should look into doing to help guarantee your chances to get a great hair cut every time you sit in the chair.


Washing your hair before each cut is a great process you should add to your routine. I’m very shocked by a lot of men who don’t. Washing your hair first is a task that can have major affects on your hair cut. By washing your hair you make it easy on the barber when cutting the hair. Freshly washed hair will clean out the pores, cleanse the scalp and have your hair standing up and prepared to be cut. Look at it like shaving; when you cleanse your skin with a pre-shave scrub, it opens up the pores to make it easier for the hairs to come off your face. Cleansing makes it easier to have a clean and smooth pass with the razor. Cleansing first makes it easier for the barber to comb through your hair texture and make a clean pass with the clippers.


A happy barber is a good barber. There is nothing worst then having a client who does not communicate well. If they are going to be late for their appointment, you won’t know. If they want something special done to their hair cut, they won’t explain it well and get mad if it doesn’t look like what they were looking for. If a client doesn’t like their cut, 9 times out of 10 the barber won’t know but they’ll tell everyone else. The best thing you can do is to communicate. The relationship between barber and client is a give and take and the best thing you can do is communicate clearly with your barber. Don’t be scared to ask for your barber’s cell or contact number. Let them know if you are going to be 10 minutes late. Bring in a picture on your phone or a screen shot of what you are looking for. Always remember, your barber can’t read your mind. Give details, use your words and remember if both sides play their part, a great cut is in your future.


I hear people talk about that awkward moment at the end of a cut and they are not sure how much to tip or if they are even sure if they have to tip at all. According to local Philly barber Flashy over at Shear Magic barbershop (8309 Stenton Ave), “I never ‘expect’ a tip because it is not mandatory and I’m already appreciative of being chosen as a barber”. Tipping a barber is a great idea if you like the service that he/she is providing and it just might buy you some brownie points if you are looking to build a solid relationship with the barber. Tipping can go beyond money like a cup of coffee, a thank you gift for great services after a couple of visits or some great business tips or connections if your in the position of connecting folks. Flashy also said, “I’ve gotten tickets for different things like sporting events, concerts, parties etc.… things like that”. Remember, a happy barber is a good barber and if you want to build a solid relationship with your barber; a great tip just might help you in the long run.


It is as simple as it sounds: be consistent with your haircuts. Keep your hair on a routine and work out a schedule with your barber. Your hair should be on a routine at home with a wash schedule and daily moisturizing routine. When you are doing these things at home and the more you take care of your hair, you’ll get the best results in the chair during a cut. The haircuts I get or the way my hair looks reflects the relationship I have with my barber. I help him and he helps me. If I have a way to connect him with someone new then I do. We give each other advice and talk about life. I can say that me and my barber has built a solid friendship and it shows by how well he works at making sure I look good as a client of his. I take care of my hair daily and it makes his job easier and no hassle. Just be a good client and be consistent.


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