5 Grooming Essentials for the Work Place

The work place is a battle ground for popularity, career growth and money opportunities; lets just look at it as the hunger games for the everyday person. When the stakes are high, looking and feeling your best is key and can make or break being the next CEO or team lead. Being prepared and well groomed has to be a focus and keeping a few key essentials handy is important. Here are my 5 Grooming Essentials to keep tucked away in your office or desk at work.

comb and brush


Appearances are important to making a great first impression. Having a small comb and brush in our lower drawer makes for a great add on to our grooming essentials to keep at work. As extra as it may seem, a bad hair day is no laughing matter so take a moment to make sure your hair is tight and ready for any run ins in the hall way at the office.

scope mouthwash


There is nothing worst then going into the office with bad breath. Nobody wants to talk to his or her boss with a mouth full of yuck breath. Lunch with the co-workers can do damage on your mouth and it’s not a bad idea to step to the side and freshen up a bit before walking into that important meeting. You never know who you’re going to come face to face with.

degree for men


Body odor is a thing that none of us can truly get away from. The summer days or just being busy running around the office staying on top of tasks can produce tons of sweat and there goes that fresh sandalwood scent. Having a deodorant stick close by can be a social life savor. Two quick swipes under the arms can put you back in the game and will give you the fresh impression you might need.

niche wipes


Many men ride their bikes to work, go for a work out during lunch breaks or hit the gym before going out with friends. When you’re pressed for time taking a shower is out of the question but you still need to stay fresh. Having some deodorizing wipes can be very handy to have. Wipes are simple, easy, and can be used on your neck, face and body. If your feeling a bit musty, a quick stop at the bathroom for a wipe down can do the trick. Try out Face & Body Deodorizing Wipes by Niche for Men. These great handy wipes are filled with ginseng (great for anti-aging benefits, firming of the skin, tightens up wrinkles and fine lines) and aloe (great for treating scars and burns, it also helps with strengthening the skin).

wood hand cream


At work how many times do you shake hands or use your hands during a presentation. Too many to count and nobody likes rough and unkept hands. Keeping a great hand cream close in reach to make sure your hands stay moisturized and smooth is an important element in the work place. Try out Wood Super Thick Hand Cream by Portland General Store. Their hand cream has great ingredients for your skin like patchouli (acne-prone conditions, eczema, inflammation, and cracked, chapped, irritated skin) and vetiver grass (helps with providing relief from inflammation, removing scars, dryness and cracking of the skin).





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