2014 Product Recap

2014 has been a great year and a lot of cool things in the grooming industry happened. Before we go into the new year and find new things to get ourself into, let’s do a recap of all the cool brands I’ve come across and found through this journey. Some I have checked out and others I look forward to trying out during the upcoming months.

Blackbird has some cool fragrances to check out. I am not much of a fragrance kind of guy but with all the new brands I’ve come across like Blackbird I am starting to change my thinking. Look out for Blackbird on because I will be digging more into this cool brand.

Kala Style Soap is a family owned brand that offers great products that will leave you fresh and clean. I love the soap products that I’ve seen so far and look forward to giving the cedarwood soap a try.

Lush has been dropping some cool products for men like great beard balms, shaving creams and soaps. Me and my lady stay in Lush and it’s cool to see all the new products they have for the gentlemen. Ladies watch out, your man might be beating you to the Lush counter for the natural goodies.

J. Paul Skincare has been bringing the noise with their natural oils and attractive ingredients. Building a solid name for themselves in the men’s grooming industry I look forward to seeing what the brand has in store for the future.

PRZMAN, a New York grooming brand, is looking to kick down the doors and show the industry what they’ve got. I recently came across this brand on Twitter and will be doing my research. Until then y’all should give them a look see; they’ve got my interest.

Beardbrand is a brand I just recently featured on the blog for my 2014 Christmas Gift Guide and for my Four Vices Beard Oil review. The beard oil was great and I loved my time spent with it. I see a lot of promise for this brand and look forward to watching it grow more in 2015.

Regal Gentlemen, located in London, was launched in early 2014 by Josh Blackburn and Liam Jennings. Giving the Ruggedlygroomed gentlemen around the world an online grooming one stop shop. These gentlemen have a good thing going and you keep an eye out; they are going places.

Frank Body is a brand that shows up on my timeline daily with their attractive photographs and models covered in coffee. This brand is on my radar hardcore  and I love the sound of a coffee scrub that can make my skin feel fresh and vibrant. Check them out because this brand is pretty cool.

These are just a few out of many that I’ve came across during the past 12 months. The Men’s Grooming scene is changing for the good and I am very excited for the future. Taking a moment to freshen up isn’t just for the ladies anymore. Fellas we¬† got some cool brands opening the doors for us.

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