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Lush: Dirty Collection

LUSH, the natural, organic and vegan friendly product brand from Poole, England, launched their first international store in Vancouver in 1996. Lush is known for their fresh ingredients, vibrant scents and the smells always hit my nose the minute I walk through the door. Even though I know Lush may not be a new name, but what about their men’s line called “Dirty”? The “Dirty” collection can be used for men and women, but Lush made this line with the modern grooming gent in mind. “Dirty” has a nice range of products for men: shampoo bars, moisturizers, shower gels, shaving creams and more. It’s good to know that the Lush brand didn’t forget about the fellas.


What I like about the Lush brand is the idea of natural products and I know what is going into the product I am buying. As a man of color, this is nice because I know the brand is using essential oils and natural butters that are great for my skin, body and hair. Another cool fact if you didn’t know is that all Lush packaging is 100% recycled. If you haven’t checked out the men’s line at Lush, go check it out. You can find a Lush location right here in Philadelphia on Walnut street.



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