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‘Made in America’ are terms we rarely hear in our culture. Today’s brands or products cross many oceans and other countries before hitting our table or shelf. Most of the time we can’t even pronounce the place the product came from. With so many brands looking to build foundations in our countries because of the benefits that come along with that idea, it’s very refreshing when you see a company saying, “we want to be American made”.


Kent & Bond- a lifestyle men’s brand looking to bring organic products, a long with a little bit of American pride, to your cleansing routine and their ready to take the men’s grooming industry by storm. I had the pleasure of trying the Brisk Peppermint, Charcoal Pine, Forest Musk, Ultramarine and Sweet Cedar wood, sample bricks over the last month. I don’t get many soap requests so when this chance to check out the body bricks came up I jumped right up to the plate. To make this simple, I am going to give my thoughts on my top 2 bricks. Knowing me if I don’t focus in I will be here all day.


The Brisk Peppermint body brick was by far my favorite. I normally would stay away from peppermint because of the strong sent that it can push out when using it in the shower, but this was not bad at all. It was very up lifting in ways. The texture was light and not over powering when applying it and once I was done in the shower I notice my skin was very moisturized with out being oily and offensive. I normally would use a soap like this in the wintertime to give my skin a pick me up when the air is so drying, but it worked out really well and can see myself using this daily.


My second favorite was the Ultramarine. The texture and results was very similar to the brisk peppermint, but the smell was more masculine to me. I enjoyed my time using this body brick and the scent really comes alive in the heated shower. It lathered very well and was an easy and smooth wash, even my fiancée commented on it once I was out the shower. I read that there was sea salt and pumice in the brick and you can tell when using it because it smoothed out my skin really well. My skin was nicely exfoliated and it surely did its job.

Kent and Bond has something here; I would love to watch this brand grow and I believe you and me both will get that chance. It’s pretty hard getting men to invest into personal grooming, as we all know, but lets be real; if you build it they will come. Kent & Bond has built it!

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