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It’s funny how life can bring you full circle sometimes. This time 2 years ago, I was dealing with a failing engagement, a sick family member and lost within myself. Ruggedly Groomed and the industry was far from an interest at that point. To be honest, I lost faith in what I was doing and where I was going. Just like so many black men in this society, I couldn’t see my way through. On a professional view, as a man of color, I didn’t feel like myself and others that look like me were accepted in the men’s grooming industry and in many cases, I still don’t. I was starting to lose faith and hope in the direction I was going in and it was starting to affect my life and those around me.

As the candle faded so did my interest in the industry; you heard Ms. Badu, I’m an artist and I’m sensitive about my shit, and the “shit” got real (excuse my French). Over sometime and long talks with my barber, close blogging friends, and the family. The idea of still being a voice and advocate for men of color in a not so diverse industry never died. Those around me showed me the importance of what I was doing and helped because I couldn’t see it.

Here I stand now, with some time to work on me and I’m in a better place because of it. I started to make time for myself more, so many people struggle with that. Society got us all believing that if we don’t work until we crash then we are not really working and that’s not true in at all. That is a post for another day so I’m going to stay on topic. I am going to make some major changes to this site, to not only cover men’s grooming but also a cultural aspect documenting the grooming culture and the brands behind this industry. Also, adding a real lifestyle and self-care aspect that will cover a wide range of topics. Stay tuned and you will see me making these changes as I write. I hope you guys missed Ruggedly Groomed because I sure did miss y’all. Let’s do the damn thing.


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