My Morning Grooming Routine

Morning, o morning! There is nothing like hearing the alarm clock do its job by going nuts and trying to catch your attention to let you know that it’s time to get up. The tough part about it all is now trying to make yourself handsome enough to show your face on the other side of the door. So many of my readers share their morning routine and what products they are using, so why not share mine? Check it out below!
The Body
I like to keep my showers simple and easy. I’m using Alaffia Good Soap that’s exclusively sold in Whole Foods Market. This moisturizing, luxurious and affordable soap is made with certified fair trade shea butter and coconut oil. I must say I really love it and it makes my showering enjoyable (as it should be). Because it’s pretty chilly outside, our skin can dry out pretty fast during the winter. After showering I’ll put a small amount of Vitamin E Oil into my body lotion. This keeps my skin nice and moisturized through out the day. This helps out with my skin drying out and no cracking as the day goes by.
The Face
In the morning the first thing I normally do is wash my face. Since I am not much of a morning person, washing my face the minute I roll out of bed really wakes me up [laugh]. For my face I am using the Neutrogena Extra Gentle Cleanser and for my moisturizer I use Every Man Jack Face Lotion to add some moisture and prepare my skin for the day. Philly right now is filled with snow and it’s cold most days of the week so I have added coco butter to my morning routine too. Adding the coco butter to key parts of my face (under the eye, around the cheek bones, around the nose and chin) this will help against the windburn and dryness in the air.
The Hair
My hair is pretty curly. Sometimes I rather just throw some oil in it and keep it moving. Every morning I spray my hair down with some water, but not too much just enough to dampen it. From there I use Vitamin E Oil or Tea Tree Oil and message it in like you would do a beard. This curls it up pretty nice and gives it the moisture it needs to get through the day. I recently cut my hair down a bit to clean up some of the unevenness of it, so for the most part I’m letting it do its own thing. Because I am a blogger my products do change pretty frequently and next month it could be something else. If you are ever interested in what I’m using or something that I may recommend just shoot me an email (in my contact section) or hit me up in the comments below.

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