Please allow me to introduce myself: my name is AJ James, I’m a Philadelphia based Men’s Grooming Blogger and Photographer. I cover hair and skin care content for men of color (African American men, Latino men and other nationalities of color). As a blogger I also like to cover natural remedies, grooming tips and product reviews. Even though the focus of the blog is men’s grooming, I also cover many elements of men’s lifestyle like Food & Drinks, Style and Gear & Tech. is a way for me to dive into aspects of grooming along with barbershop culture and style. Like most men, I have fond memories of the barbershop growing up and it has played a major part in my life so because of this my goal is to take my camera and explore the many shops around the city through my photography. I have a degree in photography and felt honored to be published multiple times throughout my life. Through my blog I want to dive into what makes a man; the culture of a man. Interviewing different men from many walks of life and telling their story. Telling the stories that we lack in mainstream media, the stories that may be a bit unpopular or not so flashy but telling the stories that helped to shape these individuals while discussing topics of grooming, style, great food, culture and great moments. I hope you enjoy this blog as much as I do and lets take this journey together.

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