As a photographer, I was always inspired by Ali’s photographs. They just have so much personality and soul. I figure I share some of them in honor of the late Muhammad Ali.

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Marlowe is a skincare brand I recently checked and is exclusive to Target, but isn’t limited to men because the brand is unisex and can be used for women as well. The simple and clean products have a great style and stands out among its competitors. Marlowe partnered with Clean

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Not to long ago I did a review on Kent & Bond’s signature body Bricks and loved them but I wanted to get some inside scoop on the products and brand. I got in contact with the Co-Founder, Benjamin Bond, to pick his brain a bit. Below is the great

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Not to long ago the UK brand Bulldog Skincare made a major leap for UK brands that are trying to break into the American men’s grooming market. A lot of brands in the UK have struggled with building a name in the American market over the past years, but Bulldog has

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Suede and rustic textile upper, Leather detailing throughout, Sailing style rope laces, ABZORB cushioning system in midsole and Made in the USA as well. Price: $250.00 | Click Here 

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Got Melanin
Skin 101

One of the greatest things I love about being black is to see the different shades people of color come in, but why do we come in so many shades? Why do people of color from Asia, Africa, and the Middle East have so many shades of brown? That comes from a word

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rubberized harry's handle

Harry’s fans! There is good news for you. The new Truman Razor is here and i’m excited! Info Below and Click Here to check it out.

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